Tuesday, December 11, 2007

winter lodgers

Due to the collapse of their home, the two remaining Silkies have moved inside. They spend most of their time in the garage but I let them hang around the kitchen for about an hour every night. They drink out of the dog bowl, roost themselves on the small metal basic planter of dirt that used to hold lettuce heads but now just has a coating of chicken feed on it. Which means they have soft earth to scratch in even though it’s 15 degrees outside. Last night the quiet, calm pair sat on the top of the couch to watch TV with me. Every so often they would coo or cock their head, but the pretty much just fell asleep. It’s kind of nice having them inside. I never had a parrot, but birds make pretty good company. They’ll sit on your lap and eat out of your hand. They like to be petted and chase each other like cats or dogs would. They have never had an “accident” indoors. I don’t know why some people are convinced all animals want to do when they get indoors is defecate on a carpet, as if they themselves have to run to the bathroom every time they visit someone’s home. Anyway, the chickens aren’t house pets. They’ll be back outside for good when the thaw hits and they have a new home. But right now it’s kinda fun to walk into the kitchen and have a tiny black kitchen perched on the microwave pruning its feathers. Drives Annie crazy.


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