Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i make sick pj pants

I’ve really gotten into the practicality of sewing. I’m just learning and haven’t whipped up anything amazing but the mentality that I can make what I want to wear, and not look like a hobbit is pretty appealing. Recently I wanted a pair of mittens and after shopping online found out that the cheapest high quality polar fleece or knit set was 20 bones. Which in my world is a month of chicken feed or half a bag of dog food, both of which are more important than my preference to have warm hands when the dogs are peeing in 24-degree weather.

So I went to Ben Franklin (which is the name of our craft store) and bought half a yard of the thickest fleece they had. This cost me five dollars. I took it home and layed it on the table. Then I traced a generous space around my hand till I had what looked like a retarded lobster claw. I cut out four of them, sewed up a hem along the wrists and then sewed along the edges. Lastly I turned them inside out and ta da, mittens. Really warm, custom fitting, high quality, favorite color mittens for five bucks and 15 minutes of labor. I even have enough fabric left to make a kids pair or start another set.

Sewing really just comes down to this after you decide what you want to make

1. Buy fabric
2. Buy pattern
3. Trace pattern on fabric
4. Cut it out
5. Sew it together

That’s it. Give it a try.


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