Tuesday, October 23, 2007

pickin' lettuce and banjos

Last night the temperature dipped to the 20’s, and even the thick plastic sheeting on the garden wasn’t going to save the garden from the frost. So before it got to dark to see where I was walking, I moved a couple heads of lettuce and a broccoli plant to basics and pots to bring inside. Now flowerpots of butter crisp line the living room and kitchen. Not exactly conventional decorating, but if you’re going to grow something inside why shouldn’t it be something that could also be a side? I also took the last mint harvest of the year and hung it to dry in the kitchen with the rest of the teas. Should keep me in tea all winter long if I budget it out, people who bought it online seem to like how strong it is.

The banjo and I are getting acquainted like old highschool buddies. I’m learning my third song on it, and the first song I learned I can now play with my eyes closed, so that’s progress. It feels good in my hands. Banjo music doesn’t seem to bother the dogs either so it’s the late night instrument of choice in our house.

I have the guest room all ready to go for company this weekend. Freshly watched sheets, two thick quilts from the 40’s, plenty of reading, and a radio to boot. I am really excited to show Taylor around town and the farm, maybe I’ll take her for a night tour of the barn since it’s the freakiest thing you can do in Idaho anyway.

Tonight I have to drive out to Di’s farm to borrow her post holer so I can put up my new mailbox the truck took out. I am really looking forward to one of the last sunset autumn drives into the countryside of the season.


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