Monday, October 8, 2007

bears can be jerks

A lot has been going on with the farm. First and to my dismay, a bear has toppled over the hive of honeybees I’ve been watching over. Or I can only assume it’s a bear because a deer or coyotes seems highly unlikely and the hand chewed combs littered around weren’t exactly “the wind”. There wasn’t a bee corpse in site. I can only assume that they swarmed off to another hive or nearby tree. I’m not sure when it happened, I only know it happened while I was away in Tennessee. Not that having witnessed a bear at my hive would’ve helped any. I certainly wasn’t going to outside with a shovel and pick a fight. So what to do? I can’t do anything but haul it in the garage for the winter and hope new bees will take to it in the spring. I’ll have my order in by January, which is when everyone orders his or her spring hives.

It’s been cold, wet, cloudy and foggy since I returned. I finally turned on the heat in the farmhouse, which I had been holding off on but nights are down in the 30’s and while I don’t mind the cold so much at night under blankets and on the couch, I can’t take it early in the morning when I need to shower and hop to work. No coffee is that strong. Since I’m off the gird and have to order heating oil in bulk, it takes a little planning to know how much to buy and when. If all goes as planned I won’t need another delivery till near the holidays. I am a very exciting young person.

Besides hive and heat, I’ve been working on the book with the fervor of a drugged up petstore puppy. I have so much ahead of me on it. Truth is I love this weather, I love writing the book, and weekends spent inside with hot chocolate and vegetable stew have been exactly what I love about October. Things aren’t perfect and Idaho isn’t always puppies and jelloshots but it’s always interesting. I’m glad I am here.


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