Sunday, January 20, 2019

Stormlog: Day 2

The farm was hit with about a foot of powdery snow last night. I had a fitful stride of sleep and by 8AM was outside in the dark checking on the animals and starting the truck. I went back inside to make coffee and get dressed. I planned on heading out to take care of all the chores come daylight. This was a bad plan. By the time the sun was up the snow had turned to freezing rain and there was a heaviness to all that powder. Instead of easily shoveling and raking a pile of poof I was cracking through solid matter with shovels and rakes and straining hard. It took a long time to remove the soggy snow from the kitchen, barn, and mews roofs but I did it. Then drank a shameful amount of coffee. Here we go.

All the animals and the house are fine so far. There's been no broken pipes but tonight and tomorrow are 48 hours of truly tough cold coming on. The high tomorrow is 2. I'll be feeding the stoves, both of them, all day and all night and keeping pipes dripping. A nap here or there. In between the stove and sleep there will be the work of chores, shoveling, chopping and carrying wood, and doing my best to get through this. I'm encouraged that I am just a few hundred dollars from where I need to be to mail in a mortgage payment and keep the wolves from the door. Sales are slow, but steady. There won't be a windfall any time soon but I'll take a drip. I can work with a drip

The furnace is working. The hot water is on tap but my shower is out of order because the pan under the shower is frozen solid. It can't drain until the weather breaks. But not having a working shower is a small price to pay for a house in the 60s on a night that should drop to -8°

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