Wednesday, November 1, 2017


This is Rocco, the new Alpine buck for the does! He arrived yesterday in the back of a Jeep and has been delightful every since. He's a little firecracker and very excited to attend to the ladies, which he has demonstrated several time already. Problem is he's a bit short for my tall gals so there will be some assistance needed. To be delicate, we're going to need a goat ramp of sorts. Rocco is up to the challenge.

 He comes from Moxie Ridge here in Washington County. I got to spend a lot of time yesterday with the farmer of MR, Leah. She is trading the buck for some illustration work and we got to talking about our farms and worlds we are trying to create for ourselves. Her Creamery and cheese is impressive as hell. And we shared our stories as we took Aya out hunting and then saddled up the horses for a trail ride. I am so glad to have a pair of mounts like Mabel and Merlin. We walked through the woods telling stories and sharing some plans for a possible Youtube show. So things are cooking. 


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