Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Wych Elm Mornings

First hard frost of the season hit last night. It's thirty degrees this morning and a fire is in the wood stove. Morning chores were a bit slippery on the ice-tipped grass, but everyone at the farm has been fed and seems to mind the chill a lot less than us humans. Breakfast rounds this morning were a reminder why I fell in love with homesteading. The work of cold mornings, hot coffee, and the sweaty work of leaving a path of content animals behind you is a cure all for my heart. It's been a stressful October and cold morning light was lovely.

The piglets were stoked, and ran out leaping for their breakfast from their shelter on the hill. The horses came running from the far field for their hay. Sheep have this hilarious leaping run they take, kinda like an ovine spring with bouncing up into the air. Everyone seemed optimistic and bright. Maybe they were energized by the brisk air? I hope I get a chance to share it and head out for a run later. Gotta enjoy this sunlight while it lasts, especially when the mornings whisper-threat snow.

This weather also stirs in me is the need to get out the crock pot, light the jack o lantern, and nest in for some spooky stories. I have been listening to the LORE podcast and enjoying the odd folktales and stories it has to offer. I am not sure I recommend it for first light, however? Walking out to into a hungry farm and AM chores to slow piano music and a half-hour episode on Bella in the Wych Elm is not exactly a chipper start. But true stories, and those past down through the ages, are always more interesting than the slasher films I can't stand this time of year. October is for memories, for old stories, for those lost. It's special.

Thank you to those who sent me emails about the last post. It was needed, kind, and so encouraging.