Tuesday, October 3, 2017

October Farm

The everyday work of getting ready for winter is most of my mind these days, as you have read. The larder is in okay shape, coming along. I call the folks down at the Stannard Farm stand to see when their potatoes are ready. They take 50lbs worth from the field, the dirt still on them, and sell them for under $20. I grew some potatoes but not that many and I want a hundred pounds or so napping in the kitchen all winter. It’s a mighty food that makes a heart soap, a simple meal, a good snack, or a pie filler. Homesteaders have been counting on potatoes for centuries and I am no different. I look forward to having them here like I look forward to hearing good news from my agent. Both are possible promises, both bring good news.

I have almost three cords of wood stacked. I just heard from friends from Common Sense farm another was cut for me of well-seasoned wood. Once I earn the money for that and the last of the September bills I will buy it, stack it, and be grateful for it. But I find it really important to find moments to set down the keyboard and farm work and enjoy October.

I am lucky, healthy, and present on an October Farm. What a beautiful thing to behold. And on Sunday afternoon I was able to join Patty and Steele for an afternoon ride in their horse cart. My friend Toby was visiting from Idaho and he came along, literally. In the back of the horse cart he took in the view of a slowly passing world from the past. We talked and joked. We came home to a warm farmhouse and cold drinks. We talked and took in the view of turning leaves and nip in the air. We made plans for hunting, harvest, and festivities ahead. This is the joy of an October Farm. It's every farm this time of year. I hope you enjoy it too.

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