Sunday, October 1, 2017

Hunting Season!

Spent a very foggy morning walking through the haze with my hawk, Aya Cash. Today marked the first day of rabbit season, her preferred quarry. She's at flying weight, a red tail all in and her molt done, and I admit I was excited to possibly come home with the first bagged game of her season. Of course, it was still summer foliage on most of the mountain. So many leaves, brush, briars, yellow jacket ground nests, and mud that actually seeing a rabbit would be tough enough - much less being able to reach it in the thick undergrowth. But that is never the point of early hunts with your hawk. The most game comes when the ground is open or snow-covered. But these warm mornings of mist and whistling for your bird to follow build up that relationship we haven't had all summer. We're partners out there in the field. And it's more magical to me every single year.

Today a friend is visiting from Idaho. Someone I know online but never met in person and that's exciting stuff. We're heading over to Livingston Brook Farm to help with some harnessing and draft horse work. Talk about getting right to the lifestyle? I'm looking forward to the day and excited for all ahead!