Friday, March 10, 2017

Training Horns

Sean Connery, this year’s first (and so far only) lamb is doing so well. His tail is almost cropped. His training horns are very dashing. Today he walked with the flock past the fence into the woods a while to gnaw on bushes and see the view from the mountain. He’s growing up sturdy and Brick is such a great mama.

This shepherd still has four ewes (I hope!) to go. Tonight the lows drop to single digits. The hawk is already inside on her perch. All the animals have been given extra bedding and the heated lambing shed on the hillside is ready for any newcomers. I will be staying up till midnight, checking the flock through the night. Snow is possible, not much, but enough. Enough to cover the ground with a half inch on a 5 degree windy night - lamb killing weather. So wish this farm luck as the season marches on like the drunk lion it is.

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Blogger stonenl said...

IJen, I always enjoy my minutes on your farm. I have a thought off topic. I was was listening to The Survival Podcast today and that made me think that you have much expertise in your blogging. Might you consider a workshop on that skill for those who would like to learn from a pro. I just thought this may be another avenue to expand you supplimental income for the farm.
I hope the winter windy and temperatures are manageable and the flock is safe.

March 10, 2017 at 7:49 PM  

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