Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hay on the Mind

It's 40 degrees and the sun is shining! I'm checking in here while my coffee perks, and going to make the morning report quick since I need to hop in the truck to pick up more hay. I am trying to gather a healthy amount in the barn before the first frost. Right now stocks are low at the farm but there are three locations within 10 miles I call hay banks, places I can pop in and buy 20 bales at a time as finances and planning allows. Ideally I'll have 100 bales here and more in banks available. Right now, it's just a regular run 3 miles south to Common Sense Farm. Gibson will be beside me, riding shot gun.

I was working with a specific logo client until 9PM last night, so getting a slower start to work this AM. They needed ten different designs emailed ASAP for a conference happening Thursday downstate. I was happy to oblige then and I am happy to take a slower morning now. I'll pop back later this afternoon with more details on this riveting Wednesday.

Yesterday afternoon included a walk in the woods with Aya Cash, who seemed okay with it and my arm is getting used to being a perch for miles at a time. We did our longest flights to the fist, and I think she'll be ready for more distance at bigger fields soon. She had a feast of mice last night so she might be too full this AM for anything but morning weighing and notes. Not an issue since I'll be the hay delivery gal. I am hoping to make some time for Merlin today. Go see the colors from the top of the mountain and feel some speed under me. That picture is from his walk over to me this morning. You can see he is a little whiter in the face, but sill handsome as ever. 


Blogger Sharon said...

Hi, I love it when you ride Merlin and tell us about it. Thinking on horseback is great, I used to do it...or just think about the motion and feel of being on my horse. You are very fortunate to have a neighbor with all those trails, I wish that I did. Hay, that is a big thing for feeding all your animals. What does it cost there? Here it is $3-5, for a 50 lb grass hay bale right in the field. However, once the farmer puts it into a barn the price goes up with all the labor and work done. Purchasing grass hay out of the barn it is much more, from $8 to $12 depending on many factors. I know many horse owners that do not have much hay storage space, and need to find it and buy it thru feeding season. It gets to be a pain.... We occasionally sell some hay in the spring, to special customers. There are some folks that call and do not get hay, the complainers and rude people.

October 5, 2016 at 7:24 PM  

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