Friday, February 26, 2016

Fool For Love

Cancelled all my plans last night to stay home and watch the hill. I spent the evening with a roaring fire, records, favorite shows and border collies. Every few hours I headed up the hill, including several times during the night. I am not worried about the Scotts, as I know those ewes well but the two new girls are fat as dirigibles and I want to be here to get them jugged and seen to a little closer. Tonight the low is 12 degrees. That is lamb killing weather if the mother and I are both not vigilant.

Been enjoying a lot of new music, or rather, new to me music. This morning Fool for Love had me jamming up and down the frozen sheep hill and I sang at least one chorus to Monday the ram. Monday wasn't into it, but what the hell, a woman's gotta sing to a sheep some times.

The highlight of last night was around 10PM when I scurried up that hill to check on Marnie and Ray and Brick. They were snuggled in the shed with just Monday sharing the space with them - the little family. I wanted to check that everyone was eating so I picked up Ray first and felt his little drum of a tummy, full of milk. He was warm and felt sturdy. Then I picked up Marnie, and she instantly snuggled closer to me, whimpering in her little sheepy way. She tried to nurse from my pigtails but that didn't work so she just curled up in a ball and fell asleep, Brick breathing down my neck the whole time. The snow was falling outside the sheep shed and Merlin (who isn't allowed in that shed with the sheep during lambing time) watched in protest from a window outside. He let out a sigh and a cloud of hot breath swirled around him in the snowfall and I held Marnie a little tighter and told her I'd do my best.

I'm a fool for love.


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