Monday, December 28, 2015

Storms On The Way!

I would like to start off by boasting. It is 65 degrees inside this farmhouse and 26 degrees outside. That is something to brag about when you're one lady heating a home with a woodstove! But in fairness, today was a day spent largely at home tending fires, cooking meals, and teaching. The only adventures off-farm happened around 8Am for a run into town for hay and some feed. Annie and I headed to Cambridge in the Ford and after the bales were loaded and feed was stacked in the bed we stopped at Stewarts for coffee and an egg sandwich. (Annie gets the cheese and bread, I get the egg.) For a near-16-year-old Annie still seems like the same ol' girl, if a little slower and longer napper...

Anyway, I got the hay put away and the feed set. Chores were already done and coffee was perking. I was getting ready for an Indie Day with Gina to learn the fiddle. She's up here visiting family for the holidays and heading back south to her gig in Kentucky in a few days. It was great to meet her, and to talk about music and instruments and life over a hot mug in this farmhouse with puppies and mud on the boots. She did amazingly well! She not only learned her first tune but learned to drone and shuffle and she played a PERFECT Ida Red with shuffling before we called it a win! The fiddle suited her, and I hope she keeps playing. She had the knack.

So I was home to feed the stove, prep the farm, and tend to things like a chicken dinner. The stove feeding was easy and piles of firewood are inside right now around the Bunbaker, ready for their work. Fuel is here and the wood outside is all stacked, tarped, and safe from snowfly and roof runoff. The roof rake is ready to go, too. The animals all had an extra hearty mealtime this afternoon to add some calories to deal with the new snow on the way. I'm just inside from doing Night Round with an oil lantern and the collies. Every pig, chicken, goat, and horse is tucked in. Now it's my turn.

But I think I should probably play a few tunes before bed... That's the thing about falling back in love with my fiddle. Our affairs are sporadic, but intense. I'm off to see to just that.


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