Friday, October 9, 2015

Antlerstock Event Schedule!

Here is the living schedule for the weekend. Due to the nature of activities including animals, weather, volunteer teachers such there might be announced changes in time but it is all happening here on the mountain. So excited!

Friday Night Campfire: Canceled due to rain.


9AM -10AM Arrival/Meet and Greet:
Show up, park, sign in, meet others from all over the US and Canada who are here to celebrate homesteading.  Be adored by border collies. Walk around the farm. Don't touch electric fences!

10AM-Noon - Brett Mcleod's Woodland Homestead - Author, professor, doctorate, and farmer Brett teaches about felling trees with traditional woodsman tools. Cross cut saws, axes, and more!

10AM - 11 AM - Not interested in taking down tree?  I'll be in the farmhouse to talk about getting started with small backyard livestock, raised bed gardens, and composting at home.

10AM - Noon - We'll all take a break from trees and talks to meet the gentle giant Steele, Patty's Percheron and enjoy a talk about getting started with Draft Horses! Learn what it takes to take on the dream of a working equine.

Lunch break I Hour

1PM - Chopping Wood the RIGHT way with Brett!

2PM - Goats and Soap
The home dairy and all it can offer with just Goats!

2PM - Chainsaw 101 with Brett McLeod

3PM - Archery for beginners with Kathy Jones and Me
Come up into the high pasture and learn the basics of stance, safety, and aiming. Equipment here on loan, but feel free to bring your own traditional bows and arrows.

4PM - Closing words - end of official day!

7PM - Campfire back here at the farm! Come back with your camp chair for a jack-o-lantern lit night around the fire with music, hot apple cider, and a live reading of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow! Bring a flashlight!


9 AM - Morning Meet and Greet, General Homesteading Q&A

10AM - 11AM Sheep and Wool! Come and meet the flock of CAF and learn how wool turns into yarn, by hand, with the use of simple hand tools like carders and drop spindles!

11- Noon - Kathy and Mary Talk about homesteading in their retirement, and how dreams can start no matter what age!

LUNCH Noon - 1PM

1PM -2PM - Traditional Folk Music with Timothy Lake, folklorist and Pastor.
Learn music of the agrarian societies!

2pm - 3PM Mountain Music!
Meet the banjo, fiddle, dulcimer and strumstick. Learn what it takes both in time and money to teach yourself.

2PM - 3PM - Prepping 101
Storms, power outages, and other events are a certainty. Be prepared without a tin foil hat. Resources, podcasts, basic steps towards personal freedom from debt, fear, and uncertainty.

3:30PM - Closing Words


ART PRINT SALE: Prints by photographer Miriam Romais!

Book Sale! Get signed copies of some of my books and Brett's new book! Also a used book sale and other farm antiques, instruments, and cool yard sale items to support the farm (indoors).

Barter Blankets: If you have anything you want to barter with, bring a blanket (picnic style) and set it out at the allotted space. All weekend people can trade items (chicken feeders for handmade mittens, for example) and try some alternative economy.

Pumpkin Carving: Station set up with bucket for insides for pigs. Carve a jack for the campfire/stories Saturday Night.

Also: I believe this Weekend is also the Bedlam Farm Open House, located about a mile from my farm. Stop in to meet Jon Katz, Maria, and the animals!


Blogger Angie Dellinger said...

I wish I could be there; I came last year and had a blast! I hope the weather holds out and that everyone has a great time.

October 9, 2015 at 11:02 AM  

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