Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Shower During Thunderstorms

Yesterday was a shit day, and I'm not talking figuratively. But I started this morning singing Chance the Rapper songs to Anna Kendrick and enjoying the anticipation of a rainstorm. I didn't want to start the morning on Facebook or email, just wanted to start some coffee and my ol'friend I saw there was rain on the way. The first real rain in nearly a month. Things here are so dry the ground is cracking in places. But rain was coming and for a homesteader a good storm is like getting ready for a rock concert. More on that later.

First thing I did this morning was head outside to the mews to see how the new girl was doing. Anna is calm, eager, and clever. I topped off her water and saw she was fed before anything else on the farm. I couldn't help but sing a hook or two while she ate off the glove and showed me the back of her head - a big step in her manning. When a bird of prey lowers their vulnerable neck like that to an animal 50 times her size... that is trust. I sang and she ate and I chose to have a better day. When things get rough you need to physically choose that. No one is ever going to do that for you. I could either stay in that same state of mind I was in on my hands and knees scrubbing sewage or I could make the decision to sing to a hawk. So I sang.

Chores were done and the animals were all hail and hearty. It was a hot one, around 90 degrees, and I was dedicated to solving some problems. I called the local sewage folks to confirm our appointment for Thursday morning. I worked on email, ad sales, got notes from my agent on some proposals, sold some season passes and got emails about interest in Antlerstock. I don't know if singing to hawks is a bit of magic or not, but the results are hard to argue with. I gathered enough clamshells to mail a mortgage payment and danced in the kitchen with Annie and Gibson. Well, I danced with Gibson. Annie just watched with crossed paws and judged us. Huskies.

In the evening I headed out for a five mile run. I don't mind the heat or the miles anymore. My body just does the work. The sky was blue when I left the house but by the time I was two miles away the sky had turned dark and the temperature dropped ten degrees, or at least it felt like it. Instead of going the extra mile I turned home, running back into the storm clouds and towards home.

It started to really rain a half mile from home. Cars drove by me, neighbors waved. They knew better than to offer me a ride, being so close to home. Anyway, I was already on a ride. That half mile in the wind, pushing my newly red hair back behind me, my legs burning, my body wet long before the rain came. I was on the rollercoaster. There was nothing to experience but laughter and joy, feeling that rush of thunder and gust and know even if the sky opened up I was so close to my roof, my dogs, my comfots. I have come to love running. I am now 22 pounds thinner. It feels good.

The plan was to take an outdoor solar shower or jump in the river after that run, but the rain was too much for that to make sense. Instead I just went outside naked with a bottle of Dr. Bonners mint soap in the blue bottle. Right by the mews I enjoyed the shower that was the storm. Now, I do not recommend my readers run around outside in storms naked and you should follow your own health care tree - but that's what I did. And I'm glad I did because it felt amazing. I was chilled by the wind, the mint, the cold rain, the rush of petrichor all around me, and the fact I mailed a payment. I wasn't out of the woods but I can distracted the wolves at the door and felt mighty. I felt my bare feet on the ground the bank technically owns and reached up my hands to the sky like some preacher on the 700 Club. I felt rain on my face and the sweat all rush down my legs with mint and panic swirling together. Tonight I was okay. Today was better. I have plans for good meals and am surrounded by good friends. Tomorrow experts will remove a lot of crap from my life, again, not figuratively.

I'm still here. Tonight that is enough. Tomorrow I will teach you all the best way to make a Boston Butt Roast of pork.

Here we go.

P.S. "Shower during thunderstorms, makes you feel rich" is a quote by Paul Tanner who I have never met and might not even exist but I read that quote ten years ago and I still love it. Now I live it.


Blogger Erik said...

Reminds me of this:

September 9, 2015 at 11:38 PM  
Blogger daisy g said...

You are so right about choosing to focus on the positive things. A friend recently sent me a short story called "The Black Dot", and I know it will help me get through some tough times. You can find it here:

Hang in there, Jenna. You're gonna be alright.

September 10, 2015 at 5:37 AM  
Blogger Leanne Henninger said...

My son and I ran out and played in the storm last night. Living in the middle of Kingston, we can't exactly get naked. Our neighbors' children joined us, while their mother cheered us on from the porch. Such a blessing to splash in the puddles while the thunder rumbles, especially after all the heat we've been having (I work in a bakery, hot days are not my friend). Last night my son asked if we could shower outside, "once we're homesteading", so I just read your post to him.
We love reading about your farm, you never fail to inspire.

September 10, 2015 at 6:58 AM  
Blogger Tanya T said...

Glad you are feeling better. And that run and rain shower sounds glorious, victorious even. Take care.

September 10, 2015 at 10:17 AM  
Blogger Heather Knoll said...

I'd love to hear the drunk pig story! My auntie had a pet pot bellied pig on our farm who would escape, find the fruit compost pile, and then come stumbling back and have to lean against a tree to stay upright!

September 23, 2015 at 1:40 PM  

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