Sunday, September 27, 2015

Eggs & Goat Sex

The eggs are back! I am so glad to report that after a few months of very little egg production the girls at this farm are laying like gangbusters! I have a mixture of "homebrewed" chickens from jungle fowl stock based out of Common Sense Farm, as well as some traditional hatchery chicks like Buff Orpingtons, Ameraucanas, Barred Rocks, and Wyandottes. About a half dozen eggs a day have been discovered in a nest behind the hay bales in the barn. There are of course nesting boxes on the walls and a whole chicken coop they are failing to lay eggs in, but this isn't about my druthers, this is about omelets!

In other news, this farm needs a buck. For years I have either borrowed a buck from Common Sense Farm (where my goats hail from) or brought my girls to their gents when breeding season came around. But that farm sold all their stock because they are getting into Nubians instead of Alpines and so far have no goats besides one very little buckling. So I am on the hunt to buy, borrow, rent, or adopt a buck that can do the job of kids and milk pails for next summer. If anyone in the Veryork area has a buck for hire (Alpines are my preference) please let me know? I could keep milking the girls through the winter but both they and I prefer to go a few months without. Plus, there is nothing cuter than goat kids!

The Washington County Fiber Festival is going on now and I wish I could attend but it's just too much temptation. That much yarn for sale on a chilly morning means total lack of self control. I will buy yarn. I will knit by the woodstove. Two things I love to do but when you got article, logo, and writing deadlines a woman has to draw some lines in the sand. I wish all the local producers well and hope sales are huge! And speaking of sheep, I want to congratulate Patty and Mark Wesner who just had six lambs butchered at their place and have six gorgeous fleeces drying in their barn to be tanned! This is her second year raising sheep over the summer (feeder lambs) and they have doubled their production from year one! She sells the lamb and the fleeces, and friends and locals will be feasting on some very special meals this year from Livingston Brook Farm.

Right now my sheep are starting to breed, or rather, Monday is starting to try. Merlin tolerates all this going on around him with style. (At least a lot more style than I would if you dropped me in the middle of a field during an orgy.) But I have been riding him more than I had in August and every time I sit in that saddle it is impossible to worry about mortgages or bills. Something about horses takes all that away for me. I am grateful for it.


Blogger Mountain Walker said...

Speaking of eggs...I'm heading out to the coop to round up a few farm eggs to start your father's famous (at least famous in this house) Jackapple Cake! A good friend gave me some Mac apples fresh from her farm- the perfect combo for Apple cake. Can't wait!

September 27, 2015 at 5:40 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

What color yarn would you get? Or does it depend on the day?

October 3, 2015 at 5:17 AM  

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