Monday, August 17, 2015

Small Roads

You wouldn't believe the amount of cassette tapes coming in the mail. I think there are over fifty, for sure. I love it. Talk about a fun unboxing, man, each of you and all your different tastes and stories are in those tapes. So far I have driven along the backroads to Elton John, Joni Mitchell, Bluegrass hits, and the best music of 1982. All of them, winners.

Gibson is doing so well. He is starting to put weight on his foot again, which the vet said was the first sign nothing was broken (we didn't take Xrays yet), and that is wonderful to know. I see no sign of infection and while he is still on his antibiotics he seems to be eating, living, and sleeping normally. We go back to the vet on Thursday for what I hope is the final checkup.

Tomorrow is a morning of chicken slaughter and deliveries, followed by as much graphic design work as I can handle. It's supposed to be rainy and that is welcomed right now. Rain makes me feel good about sitting in the living room and playing records while I move vector lines around on my small laptop screen. You read about archery, logging with draft horses, and running miles across the landscape but most of my life is right here - at this computer. That's not a complaint either.

I'll end this short update with this. Tonight on my five-mile run a neighbor I know only from jogging past her place and making small talk asked me if I wanted a drink of water. It made my day. The only reason I know her and her dog Rosie is because I slowly trot by her place a few times a week and we chat here and there. She has a gorgeous cottage, a perfect lawn, flower gardens and veggies. I told her how much I adored her home and pat Rosie on the head. I doubt we have spent a total of ten minutes of our lives together but tonight she reached out to the chubby girl huffing by and offered a drink and while I declined (because if I stopped and drank something 2.5 miles from my house I wouldn't want to run back to it) I have never felt luckier to live in this place. So simple. So perfect.

So tonight I raise my glass to the Owner of Rosie and the safety of small roads. Hail!


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