Wednesday, October 1, 2014

This Weekend!

Saturday will begin at 9AM, with introductions, farm rules, and sign in right in front of the farmhouse. At 9:30AM workshops will start. You will need to come prepared for an entire day outdoors, in all possible weather. (More on that below in the notes.) I suggest you also bring a notebook and writing tools, as there will be many topics covered and some speakers will not have hand outs. Cash is good too if you want to buy any vendor goods from various speakers and stations

Set up Time will also include barter blanket set up! Bring a blanket and homesteading/farming/hunting/etc related items you wish to offer for trade. The blankets will be on display all day and you can haggle with others, in a moneyless exchange of goods! A great way to meet new people and get acquainted. Small livestock is okay - I can provide water and shade of course - but confinement is up to you. So BYOC.

It is $200 a person for both days, you learn a lot, meet a lot of folks, and help support CAF going into winter. Join us for all of this below in a small festival setting with plenty of teacher time to ask questions and interact with animals, tools, and gear.

Note: topics may be added or changed, but far as I know this is the most up-to-date list of events


Backyard Forestry and Traditional Timber Harvesting Methods: Brett McLeod
Brett will do a forest walk, and take down a tree with the help of some volunteers. Using tools such as the crosscut saw, axe, and removing logs by horse. Learn about why trees are harvested, how to fell a tree, and traditional woodland harvesting for fuel and lumber.


Harvesting Wool and Hand Spinning: Jenna Woginrich
We'll cut some wool off a sheep, wash it, dry it, and learn to hand card and turn it into yarn using a drop spindle. Meet the flock and Gibson!


The Blacksmith's Forge: Greg Clasby
There will be a blacksmith's tent this year, and greg will talk about his craft and how he got involved in the ancient art. He will have some wares for sale as well!

Head into town for cafe lunch or bring a packed lunch!

ALL DAY EVENTS INCLUDE: Pumpkin Carving station, Barter Blankets, Small Farm Stand of CAF books and gear, farm antiques and goods.


Frugal Kitchen and REAL Food Preservation: Cathy Daughton
A mother of four, homesteader, sportswoman and seasoned preserver - Cathy will discuss making your homegrown foods (and your budget) stretch farther. Great Q&A session for sure!

Archery 101: Jenna Woginrich Learn the basics of traditional archery equipment and techniques. Shoot at targets, and learn stance, instinctive shooting basics, and safety!

2:15PM Beekeeping 101: Meg Paska
Thinking about bees? Meg is an author, teacher and speaker about honeybees as well as an accomplished farmer in urban and rural environs. She will talk about getting into the honey business! She'll have her book for sale, and will happily sign it!

3:30PM Intro to Draft Horses! Patty Wesner
Meet Steele, a ton of horse! And learn about how one harnesses, works, and gets started in working with these gentle giants.

4:30 PM - Daily Wrap Up. Thanks! Everyone leaves Property for a few hours to relax, shower, eat dinner, nap, etc!

Return at 7:30PM for optional campfire and after party. It's not an official event by any means and meal is potluck! BYOB. Bring your instruments though and join in casual conversation and song, and reading of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow by firelight!



Optional Yoga Morning with Jess Shepherd!
Come early if you aren't afraid of an October Sunrise. Morning meditation on the high pasture with Jess and a morning stretch. Bring your own Blanket, as yoga mats in a livestock pasture are a no go.


Chainsaw 101 - Brett McLeod
The basics for safety and usage, come knowing nothing about chain saws and leave knowing what size fits you, how to operate safely, and the pros and cons of different models.

Intro to Milk-based Soapmaking: Jenna Woginrich
Talk and demonstration of a simple soap recipe. Learn about safe practices with lye, simple hand tools for mixing, and adding herbs, oils, and fragrance. Soaps from the farm will be for sale. So thank Bonita when you see her!

10:15 AM

Herbalism 101: Elizabeth McCarty
Grow your own medicine cabinet! This is an introduction to using herbs in tinctures, salves, and more.

11:00 Sourdough Bread Baking! Kathryn Jones
The most intimidating part of making sourdough is learning to make the starter. Kathryn is a pro and has been doing this for years at WindWomen Farm! Learn this art and all about starting to bake bread at home.

12-1 Lunch

1:15 PM

Intro to Mountain Music
Get your hands on a fiddle, dulcimer, or banjo. Try out these instruments and learn how to teach yourself and get started on the dream of being a musician of this beautiful music of American Heritage!


Raising Pigs! Brett Mcleod
A talk about porcine 101 and some value-added ways to make a killing on pork. Brett knows about portable pig roasts, CSAs, and home use pork and will be talking about forest and barn raising of the mighty pig.

Livestock for Beginners: Jenna Woginrich
Thinking about the gateway livestock? It's time to meet a bird or two and see what it takes to go from egg consumer to egg producer! Will also cover meat rabbits for urban or small spaces.

3:00PM Prepping for The Rest of Us: Jenna Woginrich
A serious talk about being a more responsible citizen when it comes to your own safety in an emergency situation. Tin foil hats will not be worn, a real talk about reasons you should consider a preparedness lifestyle for storms, financial challenges (job loss, death of spouse), blackouts, climate change or even worst case scenarios.

4PM Afternoon Wrap Up, Thanks, Closing of Barter Blankets. That'll be the end of another great festival!

Rules and Notes:
No dogs or small children allowed at Antlerstock, for their safety and the safety of others and my animals.

No smoking on property, period.

Expect to be out of doors all day. The farm house will be not for public use, and there will be an outdoor porta-jon.

I tell folks coming to such events to back like they are going backpacking: bring a change of clothes, extra socks, snacks, water, and any personal medications or needs. Have good boots, pants that protect you from forrest stickers and thorns, and bring a chair to sit in. There will be bottled water and hay bales, but nothing beats your own stash of snacks and a good chair. Bring raingear! Umbrellas are not good for the woods or barns, so focus on a hooded rain jacket if you want.


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