Friday, October 10, 2014

Annie's Adventure

Tonight my pigs dined on the insides of freshly scooped jack-o-lanterns, some too bitter home-brew, sliced turnips and cracked corn. They are all falling asleep on beds of fresh straw, and I hope they appreciate it. Tonight the temperatures will drop into the low thirties and I am grateful for a warm fire here inside with the dogs and cats. It is rare that all five of us are in the house together. The main pack of three, Annie, Gibson and I are always together but the cats come and go as they please, spending most nights outside hunting and returning at daybreak for their cat chow and a nap indoors. But the chill brought everyone in and I am happy about that. Because one of us was nearly lost.

Annie, the eldest, ran away today. She literally ran off. She used her nose to pry open a sliding glass door and made a run for it. She headed into the woods in a pure Call-of-the-Wild bliss only Siberian huskies know (even 15-year-olds). It took an hour to find her, me and Gibson in the pickup truck driving up and down the mountain. I finally found her at the chicken feeders eating chicken feed, covered in mud, looking blissful and tired. I called to her and she ran to the truck and jumped inside. I was never so happy to hug an old bad dog...

So now we are indoors, looking forward to a movie night with good friends and then tomorrow is two days of Archery for the fall event: Arrows Rising! I have folks from Canada, New Jersey, NY and PA coming and I look forward to two chilly days of archery and woodland shooting. It's going to be a sunny (but cold) spell of days and look forward to it! And since Annie has already scared away all the deer and critters on her adventure, I don't expect any casualties of that sort. Just the usual fat and happy pigs, turkey gangs, and chilly mornings with hot coffee. Here Here!


Blogger A.N said...

I am dearly familiar with a cat's desire to come and go as they wish and indeed a saying of mine is "One must love a cat on its own terms." Such is the lesson with my short haired orange tabby, Blaze. After recently rescuing an orphaned male kitten, also orange tabby, we named Anders...Blaze decided to go on walk about. He stays away for three or four days at a time, just enough to make me start worrying until he shows up as carelessly as he left. I worry because winter is coming but know that he is a cat; he is his own master many times over than I am. I say my prayers to Bast at night and hope she watches over him as well as she does me.

October 10, 2014 at 9:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Years ago my folks had an Irish Setter, not a show dog but a hunting dog my father used took pheasant hunting. Every now and again he would disappear for a few hours like your dog did, and come home and sleep it off for a few days.
I would have loved to know where he went and what he did, but he never told his tale. Must have been some serious dog business.

October 11, 2014 at 2:42 PM  

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