Monday, August 4, 2014

Two Spots Left for This Coming Weekend's
Backyard Orchards and Homemade Cider Workshop!

I am announcing this last-minute workshop for a limited number of people. Someone recently emailed me about hosting an Indie Day about backyard orchards. I contacted Brett McLeod, professor, expert, and author on all things backyard forestry and homesteading. I asked him if he would be willing to help out and cover this topic since I do not have as much experience with it and he agreed! I think the original person who asked is no longer interested but I grabbed the opportunity for the farm and asked Brett if he would be willing to come teach here to a small group even if the Indie Day folded?

He agreed to that too, and is coming to Cold Antler Farm on August 10th to talk about keeping a productive backyard orchard. He will cover the work, species, pruning and basic care and feeding of fruit trees and take you for a walk through the woods and pastures here to see trees in various states of productivity. He will address your questions and help anyone thinking about backyard forestry or orcharding start out in the right direction. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone interested in agriculture a little different than vegetables and animals, and a fun time to talk about home brewing, too!

In the afternoon we will talk about home brewing and making your own fresh and hard ciders. For those of you not ready to buy a lot of land but are able to plant a few dwarf trees in the backyard and get a small fruit press - this is a way to turn your backyard fruit into a value added and delicious product! Hard cider is wonderful for barter, cooking, or enjoying by the campfire. It is an annual fall tradition here at Cold Antler and much looked forward to! Come see what all the fuss is about.

Note: we will not be brewing cider or working in a kitchen, but we will be talking about it, i'll cover my  recipe and review supplies and the process. Bring a notebook!

This will be a small workshop and a fundraiser here for Cold Antler. It is August 10th from 10AM-5PM and will be $100 a person. Only a few people will be attending besides Brett and Myself and two of those spots already just sold thanks to a preview of the idea on Facebook last night. To sign up email me at


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