Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Turkey Love

In the morning my hands smell like mint and are so smooth they feel as if they belong to a version of me from long ago. No longer the cracked and hardened hands of a woman who works outdoors every day of her life, but the silky hands of the girl lounging on a lifeguard roost, watching children in the community pool at age 16. So what is this elixir of youth? This magical hand cream? It's Dynamint Udder Balm.

Yes, nipple cream. I have been using it after every milking of Bonita. The minty lotion is a nice end to the ritual and a nice treat for me as well. My hands feel wonderful and so far there isn't a single chaff or sign of wear on the gal's teats. Score one for the farm. Hands and goat nipples are soft as lifeguards in the nineties. Glory be.

In just as scandalous news: the new turkey hens have ventured from the barn and have been getting a lot of advances from the gentlemen. Lucas, my big Bronze, was putting on the ritz for the new girls. The hens didn't seem interested but you can't deny the man's style. I will leave you tonight with this image of love. Or, something like it.

Besides all this sordid news on the farm I have some good news for you readers! I have been offered a few very cool giveaways from a few of the blog sponsors. Expect to see chickens, garden supplies, cheese making kits, and more up for the taking here in the next few weeks of April! So check back and check back often to make sure you do not miss out. Someone has to win, so it might as well be you!


Blogger Lindsay said...

Talking about Dynamint - I use a human medical variety on my knees. I suffer from nerve ending damage which leaves my knees feeling as if boiling water is being thrown at them. Dynamint, as you know, has a very strong peppermint ingredient and that seems to counteract the pain. It is wonderful!

April 10, 2014 at 2:48 AM  
Blogger The Morrissey said...

Cheese making kits! Wooo!

April 10, 2014 at 11:12 AM  
Blogger Amela Jones said...

When will you be doing another article on this subject? 

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December 17, 2014 at 6:45 AM  

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