Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bring Someone - It's Worth it!

I was thinking about this all day. What could I do to sell those remaining spots for the fall session of Arrows Rising? I decided on this. If any of you have a friend, a parent, a teenager, a spouse or signifigant other and want to sign up for the spots remaining for Arrow's Rising I will make you a heck of a deal. I would offer you and your partner in crime $100 off each if you sign up at the same time.

Email me at jenna@itsafarwalk.com and see what I have in store. Both of you that sign up will still get a handcrafted bow, but instead of learning on your own you'll be learning alongside someone you care about and have a shooting partner when you head back home from the Foliage-rich weekend of arrows, farms, and autumnal bliss.

Since posting about it this morning 3 people have sent emails interested and there are only 8 spots left so please email and sign up soon! You'll be learning a skill, supporting a farm, and keeping this blog and dream alive while heading home with your own bow riding shotgun. Well, you know what I mean!


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