Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fiddles, Bows, & Cheese!

It has been one very busy week at Cold Antler. With the doelings in the house on a milking schedule, the temperatures still in the single digits at night, and the firewood and hay getting dangerously low I was spending most of my time fixing those two problems. I Did get a hold of some dry wood and yesterday I made two big trips to Nelson Greene's farm to load up the barn once again with his wonderful second cut. So their is a little cushion of hay here and enough firewood to get through this night and welcome the next few days of warmer weather. Just in time for Fiddle Camp!

I have been tuning fiddles and preparing for the workshop this week as well. While the house is full of cases and strings, their is also the spring archery workshop to prepare for! I have been in touch with a bowyer in Pennsylvannia and his is sanding and staining bows as I type. Folk who come for the two-day event at the farm will be going home with a piece of art they understand. If all I do with my life is create more homesteaders, archers, and music makers I consider this a farm better world.

My hands are getting used to milking again. Bonita and I are going through some growing pains. I am sore from the long winter off and my grip needs the work. And Bonita is for some reason scared to get on the stanchion. This started just a few days ago and instead of milking her comfortably I have been stuck with my but on the hay milking her right into the pail while she eats her morning ration in a bucket. Ida wasn't here for the early milkings and it may have to do with feeling confined with another doe in her personal space possibly taking her food. I will certainly figure it out. I usally do. Or, you know, fail miserably. But that's part of the wild ride.

But despite a crazy week I have produced my first fresh chevre of the year! Out of the mold and rolled in sweet basil and garlic salt. It is perfect for bagel, cracker, or toast alike. A soft cheese for spreading and savoring. It is reason enough to get this stanchion issue worked out!

If you are coming to Fiddle Camp this weekend please check in with me if you haven't already. Most folks actually swithced to summer camp instead and there are even a few last-minute openings if you want to attend. There will be at least 2 open spots and spare fiddles! So email me if you want to learn an instrument this weekend and go home with one!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I attended fiddle camp last year and it was amazing. I had never played an instrument in my life and was pretty sure I was in for a lot of embarrassment. Nope. Jenna's terrific at settling nerves and making the intimidating friendly. And I have to say, there's nothing like playing your first notes and having a pair of turkeys speak back. Only at fiddle camp! Enjoy.

March 27, 2014 at 10:10 PM  
Blogger Jenna said...

Thank you! T! Tricia right?

I love helping folks get started, and I appreciate the kind words. And this fiddle camp there will be goat kids running around!

March 28, 2014 at 12:55 PM  

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