Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bottles & Hoof!

The last few nights have been long, but in the best way possible. Any day now (*any hour) there could be another set of lambs or kids! It is high noon for the ruminant uterus scene and I am enjoying these days of preparation and anticipation. So far only one sheep has lambed, that beautiful little ram lamb I showed last week. Another blackface ewe is pregnant and bursting and I am hoping she has a ewe lamb. Brigit's fire, I am praying she has twin ewe lambs!This is a mighty hope, too. Last she she gave birth to one stillborn ram lamb and I worry it'll happen again. The poor thing didn't even have a chance with a tiny head too small for its body. But this past year the sheep were fatter and better grained than ever before and I am hoping the better nutrition does its magic. It certainly worked for this little guy hiding behind mom in the picture blow. He's a big and fat lamb and I am pleased to have him here with his mother Brick.

On the goat front it's a waiting game. BOnita is due to kid any day now and I have the house prepared. I have the milk pail washed, sanitized and dried rready for that first milking of colocstrum for the baby bottles. I have three new bottles from the drug store, waiting by the milk pail. There's a baby gate and blankets for the new kid(s) when she comes inside and plenty of towels. I have mason jars, strainers, filters, and a clean goat pen with fresh bedding waiting for new life. I'm not worried about Bonita at all. She is seven years old and has never had problems kidding, usually giving birth to a large buckling every year. But last year she had twins and one of them stayed here to follow in her footsteps (Ida, born at last spring's fiddle camp!).

Last night I slept for six hours since there was no sign of labor at midnight, but the night before I was up every 3 walking in the ice and wind storm to check for babes. I worried any lamb born in -3 degree temperatures without a heatlamp was in trouble. So I got up, got dressed, and walked to barn and shed hoping the girls could wait a while longer. They did and warmer weather is on the way. I woke up and it was 43 degrees here! I haven't even lit a fire yet in the house it's so warm (50 degrees inside) but 50 degrees is fine with a sweater, hose under the kilt, hot tea and lots of moving around. I'm hoping to finish up some writing projects while I can between babies and chores.

So things are good here!

I should let you know a few random updates: The Bee Workshop with Zan Asha has 8 people already interested and either signed up or about to! If you want in please do soon about it! And that weekend of Cold Antler Confidential and Small Freezer Meat Farming is in August, I didn't list the month in the post but the dates are correct on the Workshop List Seen Here!

Also! More sheep and lamb photos posted at Clan Cold Antler!


Blogger Susana said...

I am visualizing easy births and happy healthy ewe lambs for you. I used to be a labor and delivery nurse and so that is not hard for me to do. Mehta and blessings to you and your flock.

March 17, 2014 at 7:35 PM  

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