Friday, November 29, 2013

Worth Any Hardship.

It's cold here. Really cold. I don't remember November getting like this in the recent years but this week has had several days flirting with single digits. This morning i got an email from Connie (owner of Battenkill Books) letting me know she was a sister suffragette in the war against the chill via wood stove. She also woke up to a 53 degree home, so we had that in common. Wood heat isn't constant, but when you get into the groove and you finally get your place into a comfortable range, there is NOTHING like it. To know your house is warmed by fire, as ancient a comfort as human kind can achieve, and that it is a fire you build, maintained, and possess. It is worth any hardship.

I didn't head to any malls today. I didn't even hit the Tractor Supply in Greenwich. I did get new tires though. I originally went to buy used tires but they didn't have any in the odd bastard caliber of my Dodge Dakota, so I had to buy new. I explained I could only get two and the woman behind the counter and I figured out a way to make it possible to buy four. It took three forms of payment and a handshake but I drove home feeling like I owned a new truck and have one thing off the to-do list. It's also a huge boost in safety, since my last set of tires were showing the wires under the rubber…. It was time.

The farm is getting through the cold just fine. Nothing is tougher than those ponies. Merlin and Jasper have prehistoric coats and a shelter built into the mountainside. It feels like ages since I road Merlin, though it has only been two weeks. I place a riding moratorium during deer season. the last thing I want to do is be on four legs when people are out hunting. I miss it. When I'm not on a horse a part of me is gone.

I am still driving around looking for a passage red tail. I am starting to give up. There is always next year, and there is no rush. There's still a chance for luck, but I feel like the hundred hours I put in should have provided me with a charge by now. A lesson in patience and pleasure delaying.

Thank you to the Clan Members who signed up. I'd hug you if I could.

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