Sunday, November 17, 2013

Opening Weekend!

If we lived in a better age weekends like this would be Holidays: Opening weekend of deer season, Warm as September, Hawk Trapping with amazing men, and a full moon! I've been up since the dark before dawn each day with hot coffee and my father's gun, sitting in the beautiful forest watching the sun rise. Saw a beautiful buck yesterday but no luck (turns out he was stalking me and ran off just as I turned around), and today I saw no action. But I have been out with my Falconry Mentors, Ed and Buddy, who have been teaching me so much about the starting out of the sport. Yesterday we drove around with BC traps (Bal-Catri) and saw at least a dozen red tails, but caught none of them. I was just excited to be out trying to catch my tail. It was such an uphill climb to get to this point, to actually be in the act of "possibly" getting a bird to start training is making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I can't believe the time these men are investing in me, who they hardly know, and it makes me wish all of hunting had this kind of sponsor/apprentice situation. I'm certain I'd be a better deer hunter if it did!

Oh well, luck to all those out there hoping for a full freezer and lighter heart. And on this full moon—oddly warm winded and full of hope—I hope to catch a bird that will teach me to be a better person, in every sense.

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