Monday, November 11, 2013

Home Day

Spending the entire day at home cleaning, organizing, trying to tame this feral farmhouse. I always keep the place civilized, but things like dusting and scrubbing rarely get the attention they need, which makes for a heck of a mucking out a few times a year! Today is that day, and between chores inside and out I'm working on some logo designs for folks and sewing up a cloak to mail off. I have six to mail before December first, planning to do one a day all this week.

Back to cleaning. I'm getting all the tack laying around the house up in my office (tack room, really, as the sign on the door says). Horses have become such a normal piece of my life I have forgotten that coat racks and backs of dining room chairs aren't really the best place to stick bridles and crops. It also makes finding things a goose chase. So I have moved all the collars and reins and harness and halters up to the office, dusted and hung like trophies. I know this sound so....boring, but really, cleaning helps me think. A house in order (a little order even) makes the work at computers and outside more digestible.

Outside in the farmyard things are a little unsettling. I still have a lamb that isn't healed. He is eating, drinking, baaing and having normal bowel movements...but he won't (or can't) stand up. His legs are like jelly under him. I have given him a worm drench, Vitamin B, selenium, all and everything -talked with farmers online and on Facebook, and with local vets and farming neighbors. They all have a different idea, but I have treated him for all their diagnoses. So I am hoping simple time, care, and patience has him back on his feet soon.

I have a duck hen sitting on a nest of eggs. A goose doing the same. Silly waterfowl, always laying right before real cold hits.

I'm hoping to get a hay delivery today of a few bales to thicken up the barn, and mailing a few important bills. School loans, Merlin's monthly payment, and the electric and internet fees too. This is also "Home Day" work, keeping the lights on and internet chugging along.

I miss Bonita, and hope to have her back from Common Sense Farm soon. Her daughter Ida has grown such a woolly coat these past few weeks she looks like a baby bison. She has a masculine build and big bold head like her mother. She is growing like a weed! I am very glad I held back on having her bred this fall, and will only have one goat to worry over kidding and milking with. Bonita is such a powerhouse of dairy that in her peak weeks she is offering a gallon and a half a day. Imagine if everyday you came home from work to find another gallon jug and half gallon carton in your fridge! It's nuts, and one of the reason the spring pigs are some of the best tasting in the lot! They get half their calories from goats milk overflow! It's one of the systems that works here, that I am proud to have in place. So even when their is a sick lamb there is hope of cheese and babies in a few months. Ups and Downs, they are all of farming.

okay, back to cleaning...

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