Friday, August 1, 2014

Join Clan Cold Antler!

Clan Cold Antler is an idea I came up with to support the farm and create a new revenue stream. It's not an original idea by any means, it is inspired by The MSB over at The Survival Podcast. So what is Clan Cold Antler? It's a Farm Support Membership Club and it comes with some serious perks!

Joining the Clan gets you the following things:

Access to a Members-Only Private Blog Let me be clear. Cold Antler Farm, this blog you are on now, is FREE. There is no membership needed to read it ever. But I wanted to create extra content for people who support me in a signifigant way financially. The Clan blog is a place to vent, recharge, and share some information about the behind the scenes life at Cold Antler Farm. Since it is private I feel comfortable there talking about things I glance over here. At this site you can read in more detail about my spiritual and personal life. Clan only photos like house tours and pet photos also are put up! I did the math and if I only posted once a week (I'm sure I'll post more) you end up paying $1.25 an essay. I don't think you can buy a Diet Coke for that price anymore?

A Farm Tour Ticket This isn't a workshop or Indie Day pass, but an invitation to come see the farm and take a tour of the joint when you are in the area. Come meet me, the sheep, horses, dogs and see the place in person. Stay long enough to share a cup of coffee, swap stories, and maybe even say hello to a hawk if I am able to pull off that mircale..

Discounted Workshops All workshops are discounted 25%! This doesn't include the cost of gear for said workshops (bows, fiddles, dulcimers, etc) but for the cost of the class itself. This makes things like Fiddle Camp, Arrows Rising, and such really affordable events if you already have a bow or instrument!

Blog Sponsor Discounts! I'm getting in touch with all the advertisers on this blog, as well as people who have their own small business and want to offer a discount for the Clan Members. I will set up a place to copy and paste coupon codes for businesses that want to offer you guys special discounts. If you have an Etsy Shop, or small business, and want a chance to get it to a niche audience, you can get a listing here if you offer a discount to the readership of the Clan!

My Sincere Gratitude! While you are getting deals, special content, and an invitation to the farm - mostly you are getting my sincere appreciation. My readers buying words are how writers have made a living since before ink was first pressed into paper. I will keep Cold Antler Farm free, and it remains the heart of the blog and 99% of the content I provide. I truly appreciate folks who have subscribed to this blog, volunteering payment for the time and energy that has gone into the last seven years of posts and sharing a life and a dream.

I would like to think the real reason folks would join the clan is for a chance to get more involved in my story and to know they are really and truly supporting a single woman trying to make it happen out here on the land and behind the keyboard. For you support you are welcome into a deeper level of the story, to my farm, and to hopefully get a great deal on stuff you already buy.

I know my life isn't conventional and is often confusing, but it has perked some interest and for that I am so amazed and grateful. I am always forced into constant resourcefulness. It keeps me scrappy, and it keeps me honest. So I invite you to join the clan, help support this farm in a rough time, and stop by for some coffee sometime. I adore my readers and the lives they share with me, and this seems to be a way to grow community as well as help keep things solvent. Buy a clan membership as a gift for a loved one, friend, or family member and give me your address and I'll send out a postcard welcoming them to the community and inviting them to stop by.

Clan Cold Antler has an annual membership fee of $65 or if you sign up for a monthly subscription (or already subscribe monthly, just email and ask for the invite!)

Email me at to sign up or ask questions!


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You are so very enterprising, Jenna!

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