Sunday, October 13, 2013


Antlerborns! This is the rare, Autumn-colored, birds being bred here. It wasn't planned, but through natural selection and great genes my flock of Antlerborns went from 4 to 20 and still hatching. They are a rare mix of two super rare breeds: Pumpkin Husley and Swedish Flower Hens. Protective and dedicated mothers, brown egg layers, predator savvy, high roosters, and will fight a red tail hawk for a dollar. I saw it. They are fighers, not lovers. But may be the greatest blend of feral-minded layers I have ever had. They eat almost all their food in the forest, rarely hanging around the feeders. I hope to eventually only have Antlerborns here at the farm, but right now there's just two mother-brood groups like this. But I must say, they are pretty. I'm proud of the happy accidents.

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