Thursday, October 3, 2013

5 Season Passes On Sale!

Here at Cold Antler Farm I offer a bunch of classes, workshops, and private lessons in everything from fiddling for beginners to milking dairy goats. My homestead is also an education center and the experiences poeple have here are one of the main inspirations to keep this place going strong. I am offering Season Passes (come to any workshop, for a year) on sale for $250. That is less than the cost of one fiddle or archery camp. The only extra costs to season pass members is for supplies, so if you buy a season pass and want to attend fiddle camp this summer, you still need to buy the fiddle. Same goes for bows, dulcimers, or whatever else I may have come up with. Workshops planned for winter and spring include working with wool, knittnig, spinning, chickens, rabbits, horses, archery, dulcimers, soapmaking, fiddles, writing, gardens, goats and more. It's a chance to not just read about, but become part of the blog and community here in Jackson. Workshops are the main place I have made local friends and am so grateful for the folks who have been coming for years now. To some it is almost a tradition!

It's a great deal and a great way to support my farm. If you are interested in one of these 5 passes let me know, and when you do sign up you can nap spots for fiddle camps, upcoming archery events, and so one. You get to just email and say "I'm coming to (fill in event here) and the spot is yours! Neat!

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