Friday, August 30, 2013

Pick Apples With Us!

So Apple Cidering is coming up early this year. I blame it on the rain followed by intense heat. I need to collect as many wild apples as possible from the local forests and trails here on the mountain. I'll be asking neighbors for permission for their drops and wild forage as well. But I had an idea. If anyone out there is horse friendly and in good shape, do you want to come for a potluck/apple picking day with the horeses? I can lead Merlin and his cart and pack saddles with Jasper and with their help we can carry out three times as many apples as we could with backpacks or sacks. It would be a fun couple hours of work followed by a shared meal on the farm. This isn't a workshop, or an Indie Day, it's just a community project and while the bulk go to the cidering coffer I see no reason why you couldn't go home with a basket or two for your own home use as sauce or pie fodder. It would be the afternoon of September 14th! If you are interested let me know.

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