Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Light, Miriam Romais's Photography!

Miriam Romais will be visiting the farm for the next few weeks, seasons, a while I think. I'm honored to have her come and share her gift with all of us. She's an amazing and accomplished photographer with her own magazine and studio in New York City. She was drawn to the farm and has been here at 7AM to help with and document chores, ridden with me in Merlin's cart, brought along family and friends to help with group efforts like the mews and fence repairs. To have an artist with a passion to document this messy life who is willing to hand you a rusty fencing tool on a dusty hillside is a gem. I hope to share some amazing work here, like this portrait of Merlin. Stay tuned, Antlers. More to come out of this happy friendship!