Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Fences, New Friends, Hobbit Goats

Good morning, all. It has been a hectic week here to say the very least. The mews has a deadline on it and this past week falconry has been the main thing on my brain. My mentor, Ed Hepp, came to see the progress and offer some advice and ideas. His help was very appreciated but his ideas mean longer construction time to create the features he is suggesting. It's a good long-term idea though, a platform shelf inside the mews for the new bird when he/she arrives.

Besides the hawking stuff I have been repairing and reworking the electric fences on the farm. So far I have rewired the sheep and they are staying put (thanks to the help of some new friends, Keenan and Mir!) but for every victory on a small farm something else has to knock you down a peg or so. When I came home from an event in Albany yesterday the goats had escaped and were enjoying the pot of sunflowers I had been waiting to see flower all this wet spring. If they did ever flower the goats ate them.

What I love about goats is they aren't much for wandering. They want to stay close to home and are one of the few animals I trust totally outside the pen. Let me rephrase that. I trust them to STAY around the house and not run off, but not to ignore the vegetable gardens or flowering herbs. Sheep will run across the street to greener pastures and so will horses, but goats are happy to eat your kale right out of your backyard and let those other critters go on adventures. Goats are hobbits.

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