Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Goat Cats

My cats live by a maxim all goats know well, something I learned from Josh KP from the Beekman Farm, just south of here:

"If there is someplace to stand around and do nothing that is higher up than the current place you’re standing around doing nothing, it’s worth the effort to move."

My cats are always up in a tree, sitting on bales in the back of the pickup, or watching me enter the house from the top step. They are cavalier about heights, which I am very very afraid of and avoid at all costs. I consider this a rational fear. If I fall off Merlin at a full gallop I only fall 5 feet. But getting on a plane always feels like it could be the last time I leave the ground. At least with a horse fall I have a chance! But my cats, they would happily perch on jet wings if it gave them a better view of a mole 30,000 feet below the ground, fear be damned.

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