Saturday, June 1, 2013

Antique Sale!

I'm having a little antique and sundry sale here to help out the farm. All of these items have been a part of the farm for quite some time! There is a radio I bought in college, a wooden Philco with the plug intact. There's Merlin's first ever driving collar (he now uses a better fitting one that is a hand-me-down from when Steele started driving). There is the coffee pot I wrote about in Made From Scratch, a 1939 Worlds Fair Plate, and a thermos featuring a farm scene with kids and horses and dogs. All of these items can be shipped in the US, but the buyer pays the shipping fee as well. Of course, locals can just pick them up.

How cool would a horse collar look above a mantel in a city apartment? How about a radio on your end table that traveled through five states in five years with a blogger you've followed along the way? These items are from my personal collection so I priced them at what I am willing to part with them for. The farm could really use the support and I am happy to offer them to readers and friends. Email me at if you want to purchase any or have a question!

Prices as follows:

Merlin's First Collar: $200
Radio: $100
Plate: $50
Coffee Pot: $50
Thermos: $50

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