Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What I Woke Up To...

This morning I woke up to the beautiful sounds of my mountainside farm. There was the creek water flowing over rocks, and the crowing of roosters, the gobbles of the trio of new turkeys, and the chorus of other hooved beasts waiting for pasture, hay, and cold well water. It's a happy sound, make no mistake, but like any neighborhood your mind knows where sounds belong. I could hear the sheep, but they sounded as if they were right outside my bedroom window...

Because they were.

Yup, sheep escape this morning. The same Gang of Three that always escapes together and I think they do it for the grain they know I will bribe them back into the paddock with. I think this because as soon as I walked outside Knox, Brick Shithouse, and the Old Dam came right up to me. They looked me over for a bucket or a reason, and then with the air of decision, turned around and went back to eating the lawn. I haven't mowed yet so I let them do some edge work for me. Long as they left the garden alone I was okay to shepherd them during the morning commute. So I went inside and got some iced coffee and sat on the front stoop while they bustled about the lawn and the non-escaped sheep watched, complaining, from behind their fences they weren't clever enough to thwart. People drove past on their way to work a little slower this morning.

Sometimes I wonder what the neighbors think of me.

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