Sunday, May 12, 2013

Staying Grounded

Staying focused on your goals, and staying grounded in your achievements is important. It's good to work hard, and good to feel that swell of accomplishment. But it's just as important to remain focused on your mistakes, faults, and goals not yet achieved. Being grounded doesn't just mean calm and humble, but keeping two feet poised on firm ground, ready to explode into action. These days I find myself trying to balance between what I have gained and what I have lost and it's a see saw I don't know how to balance. Some things in my life are wonderful, others are horrific, and all the joys and problems seem to stem from the same place: me. So I am trying to stay focused and grounded. There's much work to be done around here. I can't spend all my time worrying about it. Time is too short, and there's too many beautiful things lost in the stress.

Focused. Grounded.

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