Sunday, May 26, 2013

On Being A Geek

Note: This is a continuation of the last post, about my day in the rain at Central Region War Camp

When I got home to the farm it was early afternoon but the weather was not letting up. I was exhausted from being a range animal all day, but looking up at the sheep shed on the hill all I could think about was getting every single animal as comfortable as I would be in a few hours. I had big plans to den up with a warm fire in the woodstove, a dinner of bread and cheese I got from the co-op, and a hard cider. It would all taste and feel better if I knew my charges were just as satisfied and safe. So I carried bales of warm hay to the sheep sheds and got Brick and her lambs some new water and grain. The twins look healthy and warm, dry and out of the wind by their mother in the lambing pen. The rest of the flock was happy for the hay delivery to a dry place and they combination nests/snacked out of the storm. I did the same for Whiskey and Rye’s pigpen and the Bonita and Ida. The horses, chickens and rabbits got a big dinner, too. Everyone was sated and warm. I was happy to do the work for them.

When I finally did get inside to relax I sat down to my computer and rewatched something my friend Andrea had shared with me. The actor and famous geek, Wil Wheaton was asked by a random pregnant convention-goer to leave a message via video to her future daughter about how it was cool to be a nerd. Here is the video.

I understand that things like the SCA, Comic Book Conventions, Dungeons and Dragons and Fantasy novels can be considered nerdy. But I am proud to be a part of this community, proud as hell. I don’t care if you think I am silly, or stupid, or lame. I don’t care if you think I am a loser. It is so wonderful to be around people who are not scared to put on a kilt in a rainstorm or invite friends over for a game of Pathfinder. I love these passionate people. I love having the courage to be who you want to be, regardless of what most of society thinks that means. I love the dedication, energy, and creativity. I love shooting arrows in the rain.

Guys, I went to college a total geek. I loved Tolkien, decorated my dorm room like a Hobbit hole, joined the equestrian team because i could ride horses like in the fantasy novels I loved, drew werewolves, and was a member of the local Renaissance Club. Total geek.

Then I became a graphic artist and felt none of the guys in my major would want to date a geek and I wanted a boyfriend. So I left the club, redecorated my room ala Ikea, hung out with people who made fun of people playing with swords and horses and became a graphic designer....

Now I am growing up and 100% back to being a geek. Totally proud and making up for lost time.

Take that, Ikea.

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