Friday, April 5, 2013

This Sunday, Go Back in Time

Here in right here in Washington County there is a very special event going on. You won't know about it unless you are part of an eccentric and fun loving subculture, but deep in Argyle, tucked past a scrappy dairy farm and some winding country road is a castle. Yup, a bonefide castle. And at that castle there will be a medieval arts, martial arts, crafts and wares demonstration held by my local chapter of the SCA. It's a celebration of the landowner Erik's new business, which he is calling Fantasy Workshop. Erik is a bowyer, a sculpter, a metal worker and mold caster. He creats life-sized dragons out of foam (best archery target EVER) and builds longbows from native hardwoods. This sunday he is hosting an open house/archery practice/fighting demo/arts and science event to kick off his jump into self employment as an artist. You can come! It's open to the public. You can try shooting a longbow, learn about casting metal in sand molds, or see nordic pre-knitting nalbinding. I'll be there with a goat to pet or with my bow and quiver on the archery field. If you live around the area and want to spend an afternoon in the sun with some amzazing artwork, arrows, and people - email me for directions and times!

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