Monday, April 1, 2013

Table Top Day Was A Hit!

Table Top Day here at Cold Antler was such a hoot. We had around eight to ten folks that showed up, (three spending the night) and gaming started at 3PM and went easily past 10PM. We played Tsuro, Dixit, Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Small World. We ate pizza and wings and snacked on amazing chips and savory dips brought in warm oven-ready containers (make friends with Cathy Hoff, you will not regret it). So we feasted, and competed, laughed, drank, and goofed off. And the best part? We got to enjoy a bit of Saturday's sun and set up tables below the sheep and horse paddocks. That's Patty playing Ticket to Ride on a table she found in the woods (we make due around here). All the while the games were on I had the live streaming events at HQ playing on my living room iMac. It felt neat playing the same games and having the same good times as the people in L.A. on the screen, seeing folks wave and smile from game shops and events all over the world in real time. Already looking forward to next year!

The next morning four of us enjoyed a breakfast of Cold Antler eggs and bacon and Robert (of Robert and Melina) whipped up some pancake batter. It wasn't the greatest weekend for a diet, but an amazing one for friends and fun. I think we turned at least two people into Catanians and people left with raffle prizes of Tsuro and Zombie Dice. I hope any of you out there who took part had a great time as well!

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