Thursday, April 4, 2013

Regs & Taxes

I spent all of yesterday dealing with regulations and taxes, but in the company of good friends. My home insurance provider is dropping my coverage in two weeks and while I have another (and better suited) provider lined up to take the reins I had a series of hoops to jump through before I can sign any paperwork. When I got the call from the insurance rep at Farm Family I was surprised to hear that the farm full of livestock, a thousand pounds of horse, electric fences, and old outbuildings had only two repairs needed to confirm coverage: a porch railing and a roof siding repair.

So all morning and into the afternoon the little deck outside my house was repaired, railed, recarpeted and soon I will paint it white with a nice happy flower box. It looks nice, and I'm so happy with it. Tom did most of the work and helped me buy supplies but, but I did help out where I could. Thanks to him and whoever lends me a ladder to repair that siding thing, this house will be covered not as a home, but as a farm. It's a big step for me.

And seeing a little gentrification was encouraging, too. I love my home but I want to make the grounds, fences, and organization around it better. It's a chaotic whirlwind of farming creativity now and I want to circle the wagons a bit, make things nice. I'm not talking anything expensive or silly, just a few days to pick up old garbage and straighten up and organized barn and tack. A little sense in the dance, is all.

Finally drove up to Rutland to get the year's taxes done as well. This was a little daunting, being a transition year between lifestyles, jobs, and with lots of paperwork and fuss involved. It was a hard pill to swallow in that office, but the taxes are filed and soon the states that make up the Kingdom of Veryork will be getting happy little checks from me. I don't owe a lot but enough to make this a thinner spring than most. But that's okay. I'd rather know all things are legal and buttoned up on the financial end (and the insurance end) than stay up at night worrying about all the details and possibilities. As someone who constantly feels like she is in trouble, getting taxes done on time is a nice sigh of relief.

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