Monday, April 8, 2013

Season & DoubleTime Passes!

So I just got off the phone with two insurance companies, my current one and the one I am trying to get covered by. Allstate (who is dropping coverage due to my farming habit) can't give me an extension and the mortgage company has called it high noon. I can't keep my bank mortgage without insurance so I am in the process of getting coverage from Farm Family. So far Farm Family has been great but required repair to the home (like building deck railings and fixing siding) that was more expensive than I anticipated. So, in a last-ditch effort to try and rally the funds by Wednesday afternoon (which is when I need to hand FF the check) I am continuing my offer of the Season Pass for only $250 and would be willing to let that $250 go for a couple as well. So if you and your spouse want a full year of workshops at Cold Antler at your disposal, it is just $250. That payment could make all the difference to me and help educate, inspire and connect you with fellow homesteaders, teachers, and farmers. So consider it! And this offer is of course also extended to current Season Pass Holders.

And if a season pass seems like too much a commitment, I would be happy to offer a 2-workshop pass you can use now or any time in the future for $100. This means if you live far away but may be in the area next summer you can redeem it then. And if no workshop works with your timeframe we could arrange a private tour, lesson on the fiddle, or what have you. If you are really local and are interested in a live share of a pig or lamb, let me know too.

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