Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pig Update!

Rye and Whiskey are doing well! The little girls are getting larger, and have me well trained to feed them delicious scraps and kibble several times a day. They have turned their pen into a kingdom I call Good Porkington. They have set up a dining hall, a bedroom, an outhouse, and spend a lot of time chatting with chickens and Bonita.

I like pigs. I like having them here and seeing them grow big and fat. I also like the community aspect of keeping pigs here. See, Rye and Whiskey do not just belong to me. The live animals are co-owned by a few friends who decided to buy a share of a live piglet. It's a way to make raising pigs financially possible for the farmer and brings good meat to the fellow pig owners who don't have land or time. These guys will be going to slaughter some time right after Midsummer, I guess. They will be ready for my fourth of July Barbecue! I can hardly wait!

The two Woodpile Gang chicks, who are in that weird state of mini-chickendom/post-chick have decided that stealing pig chow is easier than going out and finding their own grubs and worms. This may end deadly for the chicks, so let's hope they shape up. I'm not going to build a chicken pen or a chicken-proof pig pen either. I don't want birds on this farm stupid enough to be eaten by a pig when they could have jumped three feet in the air to hop out and escape. Might sound harsh, but I am not running a petting zoo with fifty pets. This is a working small farm and I could buy 45 new chicks for the cost of a new chicken run made from wire and lumber or 20 for the cost of reinforcing the pig pen. I'm pretty sure once the porkers learn that some of their kingdom mates are edible and start snapping at feathers those birds will learn quick it's easier to crib from the rabbits (who lack piggy verve and menu choices). I have only lost three birds in three years of pig keeping, and that's with seven pigs and over 200 chickens! So this farm is practicing a little barnyard Darwinism. My money is on the chickens.

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