Monday, May 6, 2013

Contribute, Staying the Course!

I have decided that every so often I will make a post in honor of reader contributions. Kinda like an NPR fund drive. This is a way for the readership to put a value on the last month or so of words, videos, and photos, and if they are willing, make a small donation to the farm through the link below. This form of reader contribution is really, really important. It is not how I make a living, but it does help keep me and this place going. I thank all of you who make this choice in advance, and if you choose not to, that's fine too. The blog remains free, and always will.

For those of you who love the blog, and either choose not to (or can't) send along a financial contribution there are other ways to support this blog that cost you nothing. Visiting permanent sponsors websites and thanking them for their support, clicking on the changing ads, or coming to a workshop or buying a season pass. And if that isn't your thing a kind email or word of thanks goes a long way. I try to reply and send notes of thanks to as many people as I can. I really do. If you have never received one from me I do apologize. I am working hard to get better at this and make time for it throughout the season.

I have had the donate button on the blog for years, it hides down there below the barnheart graphic. But - as other authors have already stated - this sounds like a charity option. That is not the point. I see these pledges as a way to offer the blogger compensation for a website you enjoy and follow, a contribution toward the effort and expense of the farm.

Thank you, so much.


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