Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fiddler's Rendezvous Schedule Posted!

Folks who are coming this weekend for Fiddler's Rendezvous, here is the plan. PLease arrive at Hubbard Hall Freight Depot at 9:30 AM in downtown Cambridge. Parking for the Depot is behind Main Street, just turn at the brick building with Bean Head's written on it and you'll see the lot and Freight Depot behind it. If you are in a grassy park-like area that looks like an old train station, you found us.

We are starting at 10AM on the dot, and you are expected to bring the book, your tuner, and spare strings and fiddle if you are not getting one here at the camp. It's a fun time and a great and easy introduction to this instrument but it is a long morning of getting acquainted and learning some basics. We'll break for lunch for an hour, and pick it up again at 1PM. Class usually goes until 3PM after that, and we officially break around 3:30.

Lunch can be bought all over town, with a few options or you can pack lunch. There is no camping at the farm in the winter so you will need to find a local hotel. Suggestions can be found here!

I'll host a short farm tour at CAF for anyone interested Saturday after class. Come and meet the animals and get taunted by geese while Merlin hollers for hay!

Class starts Sunday morning at 9AM-Noon, another break for lunch, and then we finish up again around 3PM.

In Summary:


9:30-12 Noon at Hubbard Hall, Cambridge NY
Meet Your Fiddle!


First notes and scale, first song


Shuffling and droning, thickening the soup


more fiddling!


Blogger Martina White said...

I'd love to see an intermediate group session @ some point :) I know enough to be dangerous but not sure how to focus it and take the next step.

February 7, 2013 at 10:21 AM  

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