Sunday, September 2, 2012

Trainer Dave will speak at the Horse Workshop!

I have great news to share! It's about this Halloween and the Farmer's horse workshop! Trainer Dave has agreed to come and be the main speaker, sharing stories and giving helpful horse training, farrier, riding, and horse-purchasing advice to anyone who is coming along. This is truly wonderful, and really rounds out the experience for people coming to learn the basics of living with horses on your farm.

The workshop might be my favorite of this year. It's a gathering of people totally new to equines. These are dreamers, some with farms and some without, who can't shake the idea of plowing a field behind their own team. People who watch documentaries on the Amish the way children watch superheros. People who are trying to understand how to get behind their own set of lines, or in the saddle. I encourage you to come along for this Halloween festival of horsing around! It's an easy, safe, and non-threatening way to introduce yourself to working equines. You can see how they are housed, fed, and what goes into their keeping and training. It's not lessons in driving or logging, but instead a whole day of conversations and demonstrations. Horse Farming 101.

The day will include two farms, mine and Patty's and you'll get to meet several horses and see many hands-on demonstrations about saddles, riding, harnessing and harness types, and working animals! You can hear my story in detail, and hear Patty's (she decided at 39 to buy a horse, and just started driving her percheron 4 years ago! She is cantering into her fifties so don't think this is just for people in their twenties). We've got all sizes covered: Jasper, Merlin, and Steele are on hand to see in their collars, working to pull logs from the forest (jasper!), saddled up for a ride (Merlin), and harnessed up for a cart (Steele).

Dave will end the day giving a talk and doing a Q&A. He's spend his life around horses and rides still. He's the guy in the hat talking to Ajay about Merlin in that photo. He's the natural horsemanship trainer that healed me and Merlin, got me galloping across mountain fields! I love this sweet man, and can't wait for you to meet him.

When the day's workshop is over we'll have a cookout and story-telling around a campfire. I'm going to read parts of The legend of Sleepy Hollow (a tale of hallows, horses, and ghosts! from New York!) and we'll share cider and goodies, wrapped up in hoodies as we share our own horse-powered dreams.

For more information on The Farmer's Horse Workshop, Click Here! Only 5 spots left!


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