Tuesday, September 4, 2012

closer than last week

Yesterday was dedicated to hay. I spent the day preparing for it, talking about it, or moving it around. Nelson Greene came with a crew down to Jon Katz's new place and mine, delivering 250 bales on the back of two large trucks. 200 were going into Katz's barn and Ajay and I would be helping, and 50 were going into my small barn. It was a day of fast and hard work, big checks, and good people. But at the end of it all I have a barn stocked to the gills with beautiful second cut hay, the nicest I have ever seen. Nelson knows his trade, at 80 he's been cutting hay his whole life.

I'm content with what I have right now as far as hay goes. it isn't enough but it is more than I ever had before and I'm comfortable with it enough to move onto firewood and stove work. I ordered one cord I need to pay for, and have had some offers of wood I can take to cut but time and lack of supply is an issue. I hope to have at least one cord stacked here by the 15th, another stacked by Antlerstock. I'll feel mighty good going into that first snowfall with 80 bales of hay and three cords of words lying in wait.

The chimney sweep is supposed to come tonight, probably only doing one of the stoves as that is what the budget allows, but they want serious rainfall and my chimneys' need to be swept outside on the rooftops. It doesn't seem like a safe gig in a torrent so as I spend my morning editing and organizing my book and contacting some business friends I'll be waiting to hear from the folks at Black Magic to see if the gig is still on?

I am writing about the work of a winter morning on the farm for this book and it is both exciting and scary to think about. The effort to be ready for my first full-time winter on the farm is an effort I never experienced before. I just want it all good to go by the time October hits so I can truly appreciate that Holy month. He's coming soon, sooner than I realize and right now I'm not quite ready. But hey (hay!), I am closer than I was this time last week.

P.S. Andrea? I'm talking to the woman interested in signing up for the Fiddle Weekend in Feb? I emailed you and never heard back, please email me at jenna@Itsafarwalk.com or check your spam folder?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For all of the virtues of September, and they are many, I have always thoughts of this month as the taxiway to October.

September 5, 2012 at 3:49 AM  
Blogger Wendy Halliman said...

When we were "homesteading" (back then, we were just a funny farm full of weird animals and a couple of crazy folks!!), nothing made me feel more wealthy than having a loft full of hay and feed cans filled to the brim!!! During winters here, the buckets would freeze solid every day...my husband rigged our outdoor spigot to run hot and cold water to melt the ice in the buckets! It was such a luxury for me to be able to do that!! Much nicer than dragging the ice-filled buckets into the cellar to thaw and replacing with the previously thawed set!!! TOO MUCH HAULING!!! I hope you have an easy winter to adjust to your new surroundings :) Still grinning and practicing from Fiddle Camp!! :)

September 5, 2012 at 3:54 AM  
Blogger RamblinHome said...

Prepping for winter is so hard, because while you want to stay positive, you really have to plan for the worst. I've started stocking the freezer, cleaning up the basement in preparation for wood pellets, trying to set aside money to pay for freezer pork in November and praying I can get through the winter with the tires on my vehicle. And I have to go see a man about a chainsaw...well it's probably fixed already, just needs to be paid for. On some level, I know what you're feeling right now.

September 5, 2012 at 7:12 AM  

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